Our Curriculum

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Language education shall be conducted in a way young children can nourish their ability to utilize languages to understand speech expressions through listening and speaking activities, along with building their interest in reading and writing. This should be done through various pursuit of activities in order to comprehend the significance of languages that children will experience in their daily life, and to utilize the language correspondingly to the context of practical lesson.

Sensory Activities

Sensory play involves any activity that stimulates a young child’s: Touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Through sensory activities, young children will be naturally encouraged to use scientific references while playing, creating, investigating, and exploring.


Early childhood mathematics, along with a simple calculations of addition and subtraction, should provide an integration of mathematical learning in various ways, such as measuring, classifying, constructing, recognizing, patterns, comparing, explaining the environment, and counting shapes.


Dance classes can help to build a child self-confidence, self-discipline, creativity, and grace. Most importantly, dance classes are fun! When your child experiences the joy of dancing, they learn about expressing themselves in a way that’s beneficial to their physical and mental health.

Education Topic

When children learn through a topic with a theme presented in each week, they are learning synonymously. This will not only helps the children to understand what they are learning, but also to enable them to attach ideas and skills accordingly to the specific topic. In conclusion, we are providing children with a variation of topics which correlated with the international elementary school curriculum every month.


Since birth, children are actively exploring the world while trying to understand what is around them. Therefore, it is important to provide the children with science-related experiences. We help children to observe, experiment, and enter the world of science.


Children develop their sensitivity and emotional abilities through various musical experiences, such as striking an instrument, shaking their body, or humming a song. It helps children to be in tune with their body.


Cooking activities are not solely to learn the process of making food, but also will give the children an opportunity to engage in culinary activities by using their five senses. It is a great a joy to make, explore, touch, and eat the ingredients of a dish they made. As well as through the changes that occur in the cooking process a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Art Lessons

Art is an intuitive activity to support free enjoyment in children. The freedom to utilize different materials in an natural and unstructured way that allows children for observation and experimentation. Therefore, various art activities such as drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting, making, tearing and origami, etc. will peak children’s interest in art.

Froebel Gabe

Gabe, designed by Froebel, is an educational play material for children. Gabe activity starts with the simplest shape, and children will gradually develop their level according to their development, to satisfy their desire for creativity by doing Gabe activities, and to learn the power of thinking and creating things.


One of the best exercise regimens to help children growth is stretching. This is because stretching stimulates the growth plate, which increases height, and facilitates the action of the growth plate. Yoga also improves children's concentration and confidence, and helps to relieve stress.

Special Events

Kindergarten special events is an opportunity to help children to grow and to develop. We provide educational experiences related to ongoing educational topic. Various events are being held, such as traditional Korean games, making kimchi, role playing games; market, hospital, wearing traditional clothes from different cultures and Christmas events.

Field Trips

Field trips are an outdoor learning that can develop various fields, in a child such as stimulating children’s five senses, development and creativity. Field trips can captures the children’s interest on the surrounding nature and environment. It will also aide the children to increase their independent learning attitudes while having an abundant of experiences.

Increases independent learning attitudes

Having abundant of experiences

Stimulates five senses

Captures interest on surrounding nature and environment


Our Skills

We Provide Top Class Service - All Rounded Education

Yewon ensures that it provides its students with a holistic education. This means your child will receive an all-rounded education, going beyond the confines of the classroom. Yewon will frequently organize field trips, art classes, music classes, and so on. It is important that every child develops their inner creativity alongside their academics. 

Sports and Events
Cultural Activities
Results and Awards

Kids Activity

Creative Activity

We provide music, dance, cooking and art classes for students to develop their creativity while at school.

Problem Solving

We utilize Froebel Gabe. An educational play material for children to gradually develop their creativity through solving puzzles and problem which will help in their development later on in life.

Social Skills

We organize field trips and special events to give our students the opportunity to socialize with their fellow friends and teachers to develop their social skills and interactions. Giving them the confidence they need in life. 

Life Skills

We give children the opportunity to engage in cooking activities so that they can enjoy the process of cooking and making food. Children are able to use their 5 senses, to explore, touch and taste their cooking, giving them a sense of satisfaction and achievement.